स्वास्थ्य सम्बन्धी सम्पूर्ण जानकारी

جميع المعلومات المتعلقة بالصحة

Lahat ng impormasyong may kaugnayan sa kalusugan

स्वास्थ्य संबंधी सारी जानकारी

Semua maklumat berkaitan kesihatan

ကျန်းမာရေးဆိုင်ရာ အချက်အလက်အားလုံး


Dhammaan macluumaadka la xiriira caafimaadka

स्वास्थ्यसम्बद्धाः सर्वाणि सूचनानि

Alle gezondheidsgerelateerde informative

Tota la informació relacionada amb la salut

ሁሉም ከጤና ጋር የተያያዙ መረጃዎች


صحت سے متعلق تمام معلومات

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Dr. Mukti Thapaliya

Dr. Mukti Thapaliya

A pillar of expertise and dedication in the realm of education. With over two decades of hands-on teaching experience spanning Nepal and New Zealand, Dr. Thapaliya has cultivated a profound understanding of diverse learning needs. His journey, crowned by a Ph.D. in Inclusive Education from the esteemed University of Canterbury, reflects an unwavering commitment to academic excellence.

As a Resource Teacher: Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) at RTLB Cluster 9 in Auckland, Dr. Thapaliya’s impact extends far beyond the classroom. He is a recipient of prestigious awards, including the Civil Society Scholar Awards and the University of Canterbury Innovator Scholarship, attesting to his scholarly expertise. Dr. Thapaliya’s research, published in renowned journals, explores pressing issues such as inclusive education and technology integration.

A leader in professional development, Dr. Thapaliya’s workshops and webinars empower educators to embrace inclusive practices and leverage technology for enhanced learning experiences. His role as a reviewer for esteemed journals underscores his commitment to advancing educational discourse.

In every endeavour, Dr. Mukti Thapaliya exemplifies a tireless advocate for inclusive education, a visionary shaping the future of learning, and an inspiration in the educational landscape.