स्वास्थ्य सम्बन्धी सम्पूर्ण जानकारी

جميع المعلومات المتعلقة بالصحة

Lahat ng impormasyong may kaugnayan sa kalusugan

स्वास्थ्य संबंधी सारी जानकारी

Semua maklumat berkaitan kesihatan

ကျန်းမာရေးဆိုင်ရာ အချက်အလက်အားလုံး


Dhammaan macluumaadka la xiriira caafimaadka

स्वास्थ्यसम्बद्धाः सर्वाणि सूचनानि

Alle gezondheidsgerelateerde informative

Tota la informació relacionada amb la salut

ሁሉም ከጤና ጋር የተያያዙ መረጃዎች


صحت سے متعلق تمام معلومات

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Dr. Nabin Basnet

Dr. Nabin Bahadur Basnet

Consultant Interventional Nephrologist

Dr. Nabin Bahadur Basnet, MBBS, PhD, FISN, is a distinguished figure in the field of nephrology, blending extensive academic credentials with a wealth of clinical experience. Holding a Fellowship in Interventional Nephrology from the International Society of Nephrology and a Ph.D. from Hiroshima University, Japan, Dr. Basnet has honed his expertise over years of dedicated study and practice. His journey began with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, followed by various roles including registrar, fellow, and consultant across reputable medical institutions.

Dr. Basnet’s accolades include prestigious awards like the Fellowship from the International Society of Nephrology and the Nepal Bidhya Bhusan. His research contributions are vast, with numerous publications in esteemed journals such as Xenotransplantation and the American Journal of Transplantation. He has presented his findings at renowned conferences globally, demonstrating his commitment to advancing nephrology.

With a keen interest in immuno-monitoring, natural antibodies, and carbohydrate antigens, Dr. Basnet continues to explore innovative avenues in the field. His clinical interests encompass Interventional Nephrology. As an active member of various medical councils and associations, including the International Society of Nephrology and American Society of Transplantation, Dr. Basnet remains dedicated to providing exemplary care and driving progress in nephrology.

Professional Information

Education and Trainings

  • Fellowship in Interventional Nephrology (2019 to 2020) – International Society of Nephrology

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Science (Ph.D.) (2010)  – Hiroshima University, Japan

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) (2004) Universal College of Medical Sciences

Professional Experience

  • Consultant Nephrology and Interventional Nephrology 2022 to present Department of Nephrology and Transplantation, Nepal Mediciti Hospital, Nepal

  • Head of Department 2021 to 2022 Dept. of Nephrology and Transplantation, Sumeru Kidney Hospital/ Sumeru Hospital, Nepal

  • Fellow 2019 to 2020 Department of Nephrology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

  • Consultant 2011 to present Dept. of Nephrology and Transplantation, Sumeru Kidney Hospital/ Sumeru Hospital, Nepal

  • Registrar 2011 to 2014 Dept. of Nephrology, KIST Medical College, Nepal (Tribhuvan University)

  • Research and Teaching Assistant of Professor of Dept of Surgery and Transplantation 2007 to 2010, Dept of Surgery and Transplantation, Hiroshima Univeristy, Japan.

  • Resident 2005 to 2006 Dept of ER/OPD UMN Patan Hospital, Nepal

  • Intern 2004 to 2005, UMN Patan Hospital, Nepal

Publications and Researchs

  • Nabin Bahadur Basnet, Kentaro Ide, Hiroyuki Tahara, Yuka Tanaka, Hideki Ohdan. Deficiency of Nglycolylneuraminic acid and Galα1-3Galβ1-4GlcNAc epitopes in xenogeneic cells attenuates cytotoxicity of human natural antibodies. Xenotransplantation, 17, 440-448, 2010.

  • Kentaro Ide, Yuka Tanaka, Takashi Onoe, Masataka Banshodani, Hirofumi Tazawa, Yuka Igarashi, Nabin Basnet, Marlen Doskali, Hirotaka Tashiro, Hideki Ohdan. Evidence for the immunosuppressive potential of calcineurin inhibitor-sparing regimens in liver transplant recipients with impaired renal function. Journal of Transplantation, 2011.

  • Y Teraoka, K Ide, H Tahara, N Basnet, H Morimoto, H Ohdan. Genetic Induction of Mouse CD47 on Rat Insulinoma Cells Prevents Macrophage-Mediated Xenograft Rejection through CD47-SIRP alpha Inhibitory Signaling in Mice. American Journal of Transplantation, 2011. (Conference)

  • N Tanimine, K Ide, M Yamashita, Y Tanaka, Y Igarashi, M Banshodani, H Tazawa, NB Basnet, M Doskali, T Onoe, H Tashiro, H Ohdan. Kinetics of Cellular and Humoral Immunity in a Successful Case of Positive Crossmatch Kidney Transplantation: A Case Report. Transplantation proceedings, 43 (6), 2411-2414, 11, 107- 107, 2011.

  •  Hiroyuki Tahara Kentaro Ide, Nabin Bahadur Basnet, Yuka Tanaka, Haruo Matsuda, Hiromi Takematsu, Yasunori Kozutsumi, Hideki Ohdan. Immunological Property of Antibodies against N-glycolylneuraminic Acid Epitopes in Cytidine Monophospho-N-Acetylneuraminic Acid Hydroxylase-Deficient Mice. The Journal of Immunology, 184, 3269-3275, 2010.

  • Hiroyuki Tahara, Kentaro Ide, Nabin Basnet, Yuka Tanaka, Hideki Ohdan. Role of CD47-SIRP Signaling in the Responses of Human T Cells with Direct and Indirect Xenospecificity. American Journal of Transplantation, 10, 187-187, 2010. (Conference)

  • Hiroyuki Tahara Kentaro Ide, Nabin Bahadur Basnet, Yuka Tanaka, Hideki Ohdan. Determination of the precursor frequency and the reaction intensity of xenoreactive human T lymphocytes. Xenotransplantation, 17, 188-196, 2010.

  • Nabin B Basnet, Hiroyuki Tahara, Kentaro Ide, Hiromu Takematsu, Yasunori Kozutsumi, Hideki Ohdan. Nglycolylneuraminic acid is recognised by naturally occurring cytotoxic human xenoantibodies. Xenotransplantation, 16 (5), 367-367, 2009. (Conference)

  • Hiroyuki Tahara, Kentaro Ide, Nabin B Basnet, Hiromu Takematsu, Yasunori Kozutsumi, Hideki Ohdan. Evidence of Cytotoxicity of Antibodies Against N-glycolylneuraminic Acid Determinants in Xenotransplantation by Using CMAH (-/-) Mice. American Journal of Transplantation 9, 381-381, 2009. (Conference)

  • NB Basnet, H Tahara, K Ide, H Takematsu, Y Kozutsumi, H Ohdan. Deficiency of Nglycolylneuraminic Acid on Xenogeneic Cells Attenuates the Cytotoxicity of Human Natural Antibodies. American Journal of Transplantation 9, 469-470, 2009. (Conference)

  • K Ishiyama, H Ohdan, M Ohira, D Marlen, Y Tanaka, M Shishida, T Irei, NB Basnet, H Ohdan. Clinical efficacy of adoptive antitumor immunotherapy with activated NK cells extracted from donor liver graft perfusate in liver transplant recipients with HCC. American Journal of Transplantation. 8, 312-312, 2008. (Conference)

  • H Tahara, H Ohdan, K Ide, N Basnet, H Takematsu, Y Kozutsumi, T Asahara. Role of antibodies against Nglycolylneuraminic acid (NeuGc) in acute vascular rejection caused by anti-non-Gal antibodies. Xenotransplantation 14 (5), 432-432, 2007. (Conference)

  • H Tahara, H Ohdan, K Ide, NB Basnet, T Asahara, H Takematsu, Y Kozutsumi, T Asahara. Immunogenicity of N-Glycolylneuraminic Acid (NeuGc) in Xenotransplantation. American Journal of Transplantation. 7, 300, 2007. (Conference)

  • Dhakal AK, Basnet NB, Shrestha D. Acute Kidney Injury due to multiple wasp sting in an eight-year-old child. Journal of Kathmandu Medical College 2 (5), 145-147, 2013

  • Ghimirey, Anurodh, Binaya Sapkota, Sweta Shrestha, Nabin Basnet, P. Ravi Shankar, and Sujata Sapkota. Evaluation of pharmacist counseling in improving knowledge, attitude, and practice in chronic kidney disease patients. SAGE Open Medicine 1 (2013): 2050312113516111.

  • Devendra Shrestha, Ajaya Kumar Dhakal, Nabin Bahadur Basnet, Shiva Raj KC, Rishi Kumar Kafle.Histopathological audit of renal biopsy in Nepalese children: two center experience. Journal of Pathology of Nepal, 8 (2018), 1244 – 1250

  • Khadka, R., Basnet, N. B. & Kafle, R. K. Nutritional Status of Out-patient Hemodialysis Patients in a Hospital- based Hemodialysis Centre in Nepal. Nepal. Med. J. 1, 12–16 (2018).

  • Basnet, N. Advertisement in Medical Journal – To Be or Not To Be! Nepal. Med. J. 1, (2018).

  • Basnet, N. Adhikari, S. & Kafle Kumar, R. Overcoming Shortage of Peritoneal Dialysis Solution in Nepal. Kidney Int. Reports 4, S332 (2019) (Conference)

  • Basnet, N. Gautam, K., Pradhan S., & Kafle Kumar, R. Decreased Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Level in Blood is related to increased risk of diabetes and renal impairment. Kidney Int. Reports 4, S417 (2019) (Conference)

  • Basnet, N., Pantha, B., Acharya, S., Shrestha, B. & Kafle, R. A Case of Multiple Wasp Stings Causing Multiorgan Dysfunction Syndrome. Open Urol. Nephrol. J. 12, 49–52 (2019).

  • Thapa S, Basnet RB, Shrestha B, Thakur A, Shrestha N, Shresth AL, Basnet NB., Gingival Overgrowth as a complication of kidney transplantation – Nepalese perspective. Nepal. Med. J. 2019;2 (2): 259-64. DOI 10.3126/nmj.v2i2.26463

  • Basnet, N. Visual Abstracts in Medical Journal Nepal. Med. J. 2 (2), (2019).

  • Basnet, N. Pradhan S., Gautam, K., & Kafle Kumar, R. Levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in nondiabetic chronic hemodialysis patients in a single out-patient hemodialysis unit. Kidney Int. Reports 5, S44(2020) (Conference)

  • Kafle, Rishi Kumar, Kalpana Shrestha, Mahesh Sigdel, Dhiraj Narayan Manandhar, Nabin Basnet, Shailendra Shrestha, Upendra Man Joshi, and Nepal Society of Nephrology. 2019. Renal Replacement Therapy Training Manual ( Reference Book ) 2019.

  • Basnet, N. Vaccinating our Hemodialysis Patients for COVID-19 Nepal. Med. J. 4 (2), (2021).

Awards and recognitions

  • Fellowship, International Society of Nephrology, 2019

  • Nepal Bidhya Bhusan, 2011

  • Outstanding Research Award, Japan Xenotransplantation Society, Japan, 2010.

  • Elected membership, American Society of Transplantation, 2010.

  • Travel Award, NAITO Foundation, Japan, 20106. Travel Award for American Society of Transplantation Fellows Symposium, 2010

  • Poster of Distinction, American Transplantation Congress, USA, 2008.

  • Japan Government Monbugakuso Scholarship, Japan, 2006-2010.

  • MOE Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Govt. of Nepal, 1999-2003.

  • Godavari Alumni Association Best Boy Award, 1996.

  • King’s Badge, Nepal Scouts, 1994

  • St. Xavier’s School, Outstanding Student Award, 1993.


  • 2011 – Consultant, National Kidney Center, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 2011 – 2021 Consultant, Vayodha Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 2011 – Consultant, Sumeru City Hospital, Lalitpur, Nepal

  • 2015 – Consultant, Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Center, Lalitpur, Nepal

  • 2016 – ISO Auditor, DNV GL Business Assurance India Pvt Ltd, Kolkata, India

  • 2017 – Editor, Nepalese Medical Journal

  • 2020 – Executive Director, Permanent Nepal Representative Association of Vascular Access and Interventional Renal Physicians (AVATAR)

Professional Memberships

  • Nepal Medical Council, Permanent (2011); Speciality Registration (2014)

  •  American Society of Transplantation (Elected Membership 2010)

  • Japanese Universities Alumni Association, Nepal. (Life Member; Executive Member, 2013-2014)

  •  Nepal Ph.D. Association – Life Member

  • International Society of Nephrology (2016 – present)

  • Nepal Society of Nephrology – Life member

  •  Association of Vascular Access and Interventional Renal Physicians (AVATAR), India – Life Member

  • Health Care Foundation, Nepal (Board Member, 2016 – present)

  • Japan Graduate Medical Doctors (JaGraM) Working Committee Member (2019)

Community Involvement

  • Oral Presentation, Nepal Surgical Society Annual Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal (2005)

  • Poster session, The 44th Japan Transplantation Society Congress, Sendai, Japan. (November, 2007)

  • Oral Presentation, The 11th Xenotransplantation Conference, Osaka, Japan. (February, 2008)

  • Poster session, The 45th Japan Transplantation Society Congress, Osaka, Japan. (September, 2008)

  • Oral Presentation, The 12th Xenotransplantation Conference, Kagoshima, Japan. (March, 2009)

  • Poster Session, American Transplantation Congress, Boston, USA. (July, 2009) [Awarded the Poster of Distinction]

  • Symposium presentation, The 27th Annual Meeting of Japanese Liver Transplantation Society, Mishima, Japan. (July, 2009).

  • Oral Presentation, The 46th Japan Transplantation Society Congress, Tokyo, Japan. (September, 2009)

  • Oral Presentation, Joint Meeting of the International Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association (IPITA) and the International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA), Venice, Italy. (October, 2009)

  • Oral Presentation The 13th Japanese Xenotransplantation Society conference, Tokyo, Japan (March, 2010) [Awarded the outstanding research of the year]

  • Oral Presentation, The 28th Annual Meeting of Japanese Liver Transplantation Society, Hiroshima, Japan. (July, 2010).

  • Oral Presentation, Nepal Society of Nephrology Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal (March, 2012)

  • Oral Presentation, 18th Annual Conference of Peritoneal Dialysis Society of India, Chandigarh, India (Sept 13, 2015)

  • Oral Presentation, Nepal Society of Nephrology Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal (March, 2017)

  • Poster Presentation, World Congress of Nephrology, Melbourne, Australia (April, 2019)

  • Poster Presentation, World Congress of Nephrology, Melbourne, Australia (April, 2019)

  • Oral Presentation, 1st Japan-Nepal Medical Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal (August, 2019)

  • Oral Presentation, 13th Annual Conference of Venous Association of India (VAICON) 2020, Mumbai, India (January, 2020)

  • Online Poster, World Congress of Nephrology, ISN website (May, 2020)

  • Oral Presentation, Symposium on vascular diseases: peripheral arterial disease and hemodialysis access, Nepal (March 2022)

  • Oral Presentation, Symposium on Hemoperfusion: endorsed by Nepalese Society of Critical Care Medicine and Nepalese Society of Nephrology, Nepal (April, 2022)

  • Oral Presentation/ Trainer, Symposium on Vascular Emergency and Interventions, Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal (May, 2022) 

  • Oral Presentation/ Trainer, Hands-on Workshop on Vascular Surgery, Dhulikhel Hospital, Nepal (March, 2023)

  • Oral Presentation and Moderator, Hands-on Workshop on POCUS, Nepal Society of Nephrology (April, 2023)

  • Oral Presentation, Nephrology Semi Week 2023, AVATAR Foundation/ Indian Society of Haemodialysis (July, 2023)

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